“To lower energy tariffs, changes in the wholesale market are needed”

Both experts therefore urged substantive solutions to the disproportionate increase of energy ratesafter warn that if you don’t do it quickly, the debts will remain increasing when market prices rise. “Now the distributors and service providers are asking that just as they apply the tariff option to their users, the producers who sell them the energy do the same with them, which would turn this scheme into a snowball of huge proportions,” the former minister said.

To make progress in these solutions, Acosta proposed two measures: the first to secure the expected revenues of Foenergia in the next 5 years, to form an autonomous capital with a specific destination for the network and user normalization program. This would improve the quality of the service and persuade users to pay for it. This program would be accompanied by a large-scale plan to install solar panels in the homes of layers 1, 2 and 3 and henceforth in all social housing programs (VIS) administered by the government.

The second proposal is that the Superintendent of Residential Public Services should renegotiate the contracts with: Air-e and Afinia so that as the non-technical losses decrease, due to the portfolio management of the companies, and because of their investments and those with autonomous capital, the recognized losses also gradually decrease and with it the rates. In this way, these losses would not go to the profit and loss account of the companies, which is currently happening.

Source: El heraldo