Only 62% of the Caribbean population finds education very useful

This was confirmed by an investigation by the Entrepreneurs for Education Foundation by the results of the first ‘Great Opinion Survey on Education’ in collaboration with Cifras yconcepts, which aims to influence strategic decision-making on education policy in Colombia.

In turn, 34% of people on the Caribbean coast rate the management by the Ministry of Educationwhile for 42% they do not qualify the management as very good or very bad.

The survey showed that for 59% of the inhabitants of this region, the quality of education has decreased or remained the same in the educational institutions. At the national level, this perception is held by 65% ​​of Colombians.

On the other hand, the most useful topics for everyday life in the Caribbean are: math (91%); language (93%) and English by 86%.

However, this level of perception contrasts with the low results in the performance of these subjects in the test know 11 from 2021, with Mathematics with an achievement of 64%, Language with 56% and English with a result of 84%.

Regarding these results, Andrea Escobar, Executive Director of the Fundación Empresarios por la Educación, the research is important to measure the thermometer up to the society Colombian.

“This can support or assist the public sector in this construction of government policies so that they can understand what they can do better or what they are doing wrong,” Escobar said in dialogue with THE HERALD.

He added that the appeal with these results is “not to turn on the spotlight” the negative sidebut how it is built in terms of education that benefits children and young people”.

Source: El heraldo