Government, the grand dance of state nominations begins. expiring plates

Not only the large state-owned companies, such as Eni, Enel and Leonardo, at the big nomination ball scheduled for next spring, there are at least 70 other companies in which there is room to fill because the boards of directors will lose effectiveness in late 2022. And senior management will be replaced next year. The updated table of seats available to political appetites comes from a report by the parliamentary control service of the Chamber of Deputies entitled “Recognition of the organizational structures of the main public companies”.

Among the many, there are important realities linked to the Ministry of Economy, such as the Amco-Asset Management Company, which manages the impaired loans of the banks, but also the Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which has just obtained a capital endowment necessary for its survival . And again Consap, which provides insurance services to public companies. At the end of 2022, it also makes room in the Consip specializing in State IT, for the Enav that controls the Italian skies. Along with the greats Enel and Eni, the top management of Equitalia Justice and the Istituto Poligrafico dello Stato needs to be renewed. And even though the Mef renamed the board of directors of Itaú Airwyas yesterday, the same, by statute, expires at the end of the year along with that of the company specializing in defense, Leonardo. Space also at Poste Italiane, Sogesid and Sport and Health today chaired by Vito Cozzoli. End of term, unless reconfirmed, also of Franco Bernabè at Acciaierie d’Italia, but also of the boards of directors of Cdp Venture Capital Sgr and Infratel, responsible for building the telephone infrastructure for broadband. So far the companies are directly owned by the Treasury. But there are also realities linked to others such as Mediocredito Centrale whose shareholding control is in the hands of the Invitalia agency. Armchairs also available from companies controlled by Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Among them, the lesser known, but equally sought after: Immobiliare Novoli, Magazzini Generali fiduciari di Mantova, Monte Paschi Fiduciaria, Mps Capital Services, Mps leasing and factoring and Widiba. Also in about a month and a half the games will be launched in a company owned by Enav such as Techno Sky and Enel Italia. Great prairies, pearly politicians looking for a job, even in Eni’s galaxy. The boards of directors of Agi (Italian news agency), of the Consortium for the implementation of the Diverton Tokamak, and again of Eni Global Energy Markets, Eni Plenitude, Eni Sustainable Mobility, Eni Trade & Biofuels, Enimed, Ieoc, Lng Shipping and Mozambique Rovuma expire Ventures. Chairs, still in the company of the Six-legged Dog, also at the Gela refinery, Seram, CNG and Green Hydrogen Southern Italy cylinder bottom services. Even the world of State Rail has its boxes to fill. There is space at Ferservizi, FS International, Grandi Stazioni immobiliare and Italcertifer. Not only. Registration is also open on Rfi-Italian Railway Network, Trenitalia and High Speed​​Train. There are also vacancies in some of the GSE subsidiaries, Electricity Services Management. This is the case of Acquirente Unico, Gme (manager of the energy market) and Rse, which conducts research on the energy system. Finally, the Polygraph, which has its branch where top management expires: Future and knowledge. Leonardo also has vacancies to fill in its satellite companies, such as Avio, Larimart and Orizzonte Sistemi Navali. While in the Poste Italiane group, in addition to the holding company, the report by the Chamber’s technicians indicates the need for renewals of the board of directors in the Consortium of mobile telephony services, Mlk Entregas, Poste Air Cargo, Poste Vita, Postepay and Sennder Italia. Rich and coveted dish also in Rai where the directors of Rai Cinema, Rai Com and Rai Way expire at the end of the year. Vacant spot on Geoweb owned by Sogei. Other vacancies are available in companies belonging directly to the Ministries. Come Difesa e Servizi which handles the assets of the Ministry of Armed Forces and Appulo Lucane Railways which belong to the control of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

It is just a slice of the economic world in public hands that the Montecitorio technicians’ report puts under the lens. To understand its importance, the Report “Publicly owned companies in Italy” of February 3, 2022 is cited, which shows that, in 2019, the economic units belonging to the public sector totaled 8,175 and employed 932,714 workers. If the analysis is restricted to publicly traded companies only, 3,502 active companies can be identified, totaling 583,244 employees. Of these, 2,339 belong to groups headed by a single public administration. The remaining 1,163 active public subsidiaries refer, in turn, to groups headed by a plurality of public administrations, which jointly exercise control, or to individual units (not belonging to groups) whose capital is jointly controlled by several public administrations . In 2019, however, the number of publicly traded companies continued to fall: compared to 2018, it decreased by 2.3%, while the number of employees decreased by 0.8%. Due to the direct or indirect control exercised over large groups, the Ministry of Economy and Finance remains the most important dominant entity in terms of employment, with 53.5% of employees in public branches and a growth of 5.5% in branches, which, however, have a reduced average size compared to 2018 Overall, net of financial and insurance activities, Istat shows that publicly traded companies generate more than 58 billion added value (7% of that produced by the Industry and Services sectors ) with a growth of 3.2% compared to 2018. The incidence on added value rises to 8.9% if we consider only the typical legal forms of public subsidiaries (anonymous companies).

Source: IL Tempo