Government announces 50% discount on Soat from next year

According to Finance Minister José Antonio Ocampo, the main beneficiaries of this measure are low-cylinder motorcycles, urban microbuses, taxis, business cars and public services.

“First of all, it’s about ensuring we have full coverage of Soat, which today is extremely low for motorcycles,” said the finance minister.

He added that this measure will apply to policies issued in 2023.

Faced with controls to prevent fraud and evasion, Ocampo indicated that controls will be stepped up to prevent claims fraud and tackle evasion in the purchase of Soat.

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Guillermo Reyes recalled the meeting he had with the motorcyclists, who assured him that they would receive compensation from Soat for the increase in the price of petrol.

“Motorcyclists are the ones who generate the highest number of accidents, the ones with the least Soat, that’s why the government is helping them, in the sense that 80% of motorcyclists belong to that mass of workers who depend on their motorcycle,” said the minister of Transport at a press conference.

Therefore, President Gustavo Petro claimed that “by halving the value of SOAT for motorcycles and taxis, we are seeking more progressiveness in eliminating gasoline subsidies.” Likewise, he pointed out that there will be courses for new motorcyclists to reduce the number of accidents.

Source: El heraldo