Interconnection El Río will become operational in the coming weeks

This initiative, which involved an investment of 88 million dollars It included the construction of two fully underground 15-kilometre 220,000-volt transmission lines. It is the longest line in Colombia at this voltage level.

In addition, it included the construction of the new substation El Río and the extension of the substations tebsa Y thermo flowers.

Andrés Faraco, director of project implementation for ISA Intercolombiaassured that the El Río substation is built with encapsulated state-of-the-art technology, taking up very little space.

“The civil works have been completed, such as excavation work, laying of pipes and replacement of sidewalk It’s already been done in its entirety,” he said.

Currently the project It is in the final stages of testing both cables and equipment before conducting a general test to determine that it can be put into service.

“We are aiming into force before the end of this year,” he explained.

In addition, work is underway detailed assessment minors on the roads that were intervened from Termoflores to Tebsa to determine whether it is necessary to do any detail, to deliver them in perfect condition. “This does not imply machines and does not affect mobility,” the businessman clarified.

Once operational, the project will provide a system of power transmission the strongest in the region, closing the ring at this voltage level in the Barranquilla metropolitan area, allowing energy to flow through different paths.

Source: El heraldo