Salaries and pensions linked to the cost of living and inflation. Meloni prepares the return of the escalator

Giorgia Meloni, in the company of the Ministry of Economy, is preparing a historic revolution to face the current economic crisis and the inflation boom. The project is still being studied to assess its possible viability, but the government plans to link wages and pensions to the cost of living and prices. As revealed by Affari Italiani, the measure should be introduced possibly next year, if inflation remains too high.

The indexation of wages and pensions would affect only a defined set of incomes, excluding the highest, and would mark the return to the sliding scale launched in 1975 by Confindustria and the unions. “The Meloni government is not exactly thinking about re-proposing the historic provisions of trade union struggles and the communist left, but in the face of inflation now permanently above 10%, an instrument is needed to protect workers and retirees, certainly from the most disadvantaged classes, but also from the so-called middle class” the website’s explanation behind this plan.

The first hypotheses in the field are that of a bimonthly indexation of the cost of living, a value that is not exactly identical to the inflation that Istat communicates, but that, in any case, will give breath to many workers and citizens. It is also likely that there are different percentages of indexation (which would therefore be gradual): higher for those on lower wages and pensions and lower as income increases. When looking for financial cover, the aim is above all to cut or eliminate the numerous incentives and bonuses introduced in recent years. Obviously, the audience of escalator beneficiaries will increase if more resources are found by Meloni and his men.

Source: IL Tempo