Italy-Japan, the dialogue forum under the banner of ecological transition begins


Relations between Italy and Japan have never been closer in the last ten years, thanks to the Japan-Italy Economic Federation Forum

Intensify political relations between Italy and Japan by tracing possible practical solutions to improve the mutual exchange of products, knowledge and excellence, without neglecting the training and insertion of young talents in the market. This is the objective of the 10th meeting of the Italy-Japan Forum, organized in Tokyo on December 15th by the Japan Italy Economic Federation – JIEF, an association whose founders include Daniele Di Santo, an entrepreneur and specialist in public policies, who for years has been constantly in Japan, in Fukuoka, where he lives with his family. This year’s meeting will be marked by a totally Japanese technological novelty for participation in the event: the hologram.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating the Japan Italy Economic Federation?

“I arrived in Japan in 2006 fascinated by the Japanese mentality and way of working but also attracted by its culture. The first times were difficult, in a reality completely different from the western one made even more difficult by the complications of the language. The Japanese are very closed to ‘Gaijin’, foreigners, but the initial distrust dissipates when they understand their passion for the way of life and dedication to work. Consulting’, later transformed into ‘Di Santo Corporation’ in 2010, today leader in consultancy to Italian companies and public entities in the planning of new projects and investments, namely in the sectors of environment, technology and territorial improvement From here the step towards the creation of the Japan-Italy Economic Federation was short-lived, precisely my experience of cultural bridge between the two countries convinced me of the need to strengthen relations between Italy and Japan and to found it in 2013, also thanks to the support and valuable contribution of the business community and of local authorities, the Italy-Japan Forum, an annual economic forum that for ten years has brought together top exponents of the economy, business, institutions and politics around fundamental themes for the economic-institutional relations between the two countries”.

What exactly does the Japan-Italy Economic Federation do?

“The Japan-Italy Economic Federation is primarily concerned with promoting Italy-Japan political relations, coordinating its own working group that includes authoritative exponents of both countries, but also with supporting Italian organizations and universities, without neglecting the reception, training and integration into the market of young talents with agreements signed with some important Italian universities. Finally, organize the annual Italy-Japan Forum”.

Can you explain better what the Italy-Japan Forum is?

“The Forum intends to exchange information about problems and define possible solutions, activate a stable comparison to develop some common guidelines on which to articulate projects and synergies. It also proposes to elaborate a shared document to be presented to the two governments of Italy and Japan and thanks to the intervention of companies, outline possible practical solutions to improve the mutual exchange of products, knowledge and excellence”.

This tenth edition will be mainly devoted to the ecological transition…

“The tenth meeting of the Italy-Japan Forum will confront the protagonists of the ecological transition of the two countries in a series of key themes linked mainly to the challenge of renewing the economic, social and environmental industrial system. Among the main themes to be addressed in this edition also food self-sufficiency, renewable energy communities, new technologies, but above all national security. remains: Italy and Japan share the lowest birth rate in the world, despite the great capacity and dynamism of the economic and manufacturing system”.

This year the event will also be marked by a particularly important technological innovation: the possibility for guests to participate even remotely. Can you explain the news to us?

“This year we decided to give guests the opportunity to intervene not only in person, but also with the formula of live connection via virtual reality with hologram, a new technology developed by a company of the Di Santo Corporation group. innovation that has very important implications, especially for the environment: by reducing the direct travel of participants to Tokyo, it will in fact be possible to avoid the emission of around 23,000 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a quota corresponding to the planting of almost 1000 trees. In short, this new way of interacting with the use of holographic technology not only projects us into an increasingly interconnected future, it allows us to reduce human impact and combat climate change, thus contributing to the well-being of our planet.”

Source: IL Tempo


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