Maneuver, in the last wording the new parental leave and women’s option. But Mef is holding back


From the definition of parental leave with an extra month foreseen for mothers, to the IMU exemption for occupied houses, passing through a series of infrastructural works such as the third batch of TAV, the Turin-Lyon high-speed line. The maneuver is in ‘expansion’, with the new draft increasing to 155 articles, against 136 in the previous version.

Thus, in the draft text of the budget law, there is exemption from the IMU for owners of occupied buildings who have filed a regular complaint. But the denial comes from the Mef. “Regarding some news published today about the maneuver in various chapters (women’s option, pensions, etc.)”, reads a note on via XX Settembre, it is clarified “that no text was released to the press and that the so- so-called minutes that circulate for different reasons run the risk of not corresponding to the reality of the facts. The Mef confirms, at this moment, the content already approved in the CDM of last Monday and sends any evaluation to the definitive text that will be presented until Monday in the Parliament” .

The text, therefore, is not yet final and has not yet reached the Quirinal for signature by the head of state, Sergio Mattarella. In the last wording, however, article 21 – concerns “goods that are neither usable nor available, about which a complaint has been filed with the judicial authority in relation to the crimes referred to in articles 614, paragraph 2, or 633 of the Criminal Code or for whose illegal occupation a complaint has been filed or criminal lawsuit filed under this provision, after hearing the State-City Conference and local authorities, possession of the requirements that give the right to exemption. when the right to exemption ceases”.

Some rules were then defined, which in the first draft had only the title ‘parental leave’, providing, in the last draft, the extra month of leave for working mothers. It is “increased for working mothers, for a maximum period of one month until the child’s sixth year of life, up to a limit of 80 percent of salary” – reads in article 66 of the bill – and “the provisions of referred to in the caput of this paragraph applies to workers who end the period of maternity leave referred to in Chapter III of Decree-Law No. 151, of March 26, 2001, as of January 1, 2023 ”.

On the issue of social security, in the new budget bill, in article 56 entitled ‘Woman’s Option’, there is the possibility of leaving age linked to the number of children.

Hypothesis, the one on the topic of retirement with the ‘women’s option’, which, according to rumors in the press, however, would be under evaluation in the last few hours. In the previous wording there was only the title ‘Woman’s Option’ for the article. Overall, the number of articles in the text of the Budget Law has increased. In a new draft, according to what can be read in the text, it rises to 155 articles, against 136 in the previous wording of the maneuver.

At this moment, the schedule awaiting the maneuver was articulated, safeguarding unforeseen events in the process.

The illustration of the device and the presentation of the amendments by the parliamentary groups must be completed in Montecitorio by December 2nd. From the 5th to the 7th of December, the Budget Commission will be involved in admitting and reporting the proposed changes: the agreement would be to allow one amendment per deputy, therefore 400, divided according to the number of members of the groups. From the 12th to the 16th of December, it will come to life, with the examination in committee: Parliament, as we understand it, should have guaranteed a ‘small treasury’ for the changes. From the 19th to the 21st, the text is expected to be voted in the Chamber: until December 23rd, therefore before Christmas, voting on the agendas and sending them to the Senate where the ‘lightning’ examination must be completed by December 31st, under penalty of interim exercise.

Source: IL Tempo


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