These are the additional measures associated with the increase in the minimum

With the 16% increase, the minimum wage goes from $1,000,000 to $1,000,000 $1,160,000, excluding the transport subsidy, the increase of which will be 20% with what remains in it $140,606. Thus, the total reward will be of the minimum $1,300,000.

The Minister of Labour Gloria Ines Ramirezindicated that this is a historic agreement because it focused on the policies and measures that will allow the purchasing power of the minimum wage to be maintained.

“It is also historic because the inflation of the poorest was taken as the base figure 14.4%because that is where the greatest impact has been presented in the basic food basket,” said Minister Ramírez.

For example, the deindexation not only of activities is envisaged, but also of goods and services that previously increased by the same percentage of the minimum wage, which is expected to have a direct impact on the base basket.

Source: El heraldo