Afinia proposes a plan to reduce energy rates on the Coast

The first proposal that is made is that there should be a distribution among all companies in the country of the higher costs of energy losses and commercialization in the The Caribbean region.

It is proposed to calculate a national average loss component without including the Coast and determine the difference value between the national average of the loss component and the loss component in the region.

This difference value would be distributed among all grid operators across the country.

For the Caribbean, the part of losses for voltage level 1 it would go from $169/kWh to $79.26/kWh so the drop would be almost $89.75/kWh the value that would be socialized between all the demand from the rest of the country would match about $26/kWh.

The measure would be valid for four years and the grid operators of the Caribbean, together with the users, must make a follow-up appointment with the Ministry of Mines and Energy to meet the metering targets. ME, insurance of the network and normalization of abnormal neighborhoods,” said the businessman.

Source: El heraldo