Schiphol airport is gradually recovering –

Schiphol airport is gradually recovering –

In 2021 Royal Schiphol Group again suffered a loss of hundreds of millions of euros from its operations, but the company is experiencing a gradual recovery.

Especially in the summer, more passengers came from the company’s airports; Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport. In total, the number of passengers will reach 29 million in 2021. In 2020 that was still 23.5 million. Before corona, 80.5 million passengers traveled from airports in 2019.

287 million euros loss, but still profit

The loss of operating activities was less than a year: 287 million euros. In the first corona year, that was still more than half a billion euros.

At the bottom was a profit of 105 million euros, due to a few coincidences such as state aid (84 million euros), the results of real estate investments (69 million euros) and valuation. parts. In the parent company of Paris airport (252 million euros).

While the company expects the recovery to continue through 2022, passenger numbers are not expected to return to pre-corona levels until 2024.

Nature permit is missing

Schiphol is not only struggling with fewer flights and passengers, but also with a missing nature trail. At the end of last year it became clear that this could have major consequences for the airport. According to the legal advisers of the departing company, Schiphol can only remain this big if drastic measures are taken in agriculture and traffic in the region to meet environmental standards.

Without these measures, one permit could be issued for up to 400,000 flight movements per year, with a 20% decrease, the lawyers say.

In a statement about the findings, chairman of the board Dick Benschop says that the answers have been given, the calculations have been made and the Infrastructure and Water Management department has accordingly decided on the nature permit. He did not want to guess what the consequences would be for Schiphol if there were indeed a forced contraction. It will likely take a few more weeks to answer the questions and make the calculations, he said.

Yesterday, airline Air France-KLM published its results for 2021. This company also experienced a recovery, but again lost billions. The last quarter, especially when America reopened to passengers, provided a better result for the airline.

Source: NOS