PvdA and GroenLinks oppose phasing out subsidies for solar panels

PvdA and GroenLinks oppose phasing out subsidies for solar panels

PvdA and GroenLinks oppose the government’s proposal to phase out the net metering system, which is a subsidy for solar panel owners. They believe there must first be a concrete plan to install more solar panels in apartment buildings to help people living in energy poverty.

The government proposal could expect a majority in the House of Representatives, but it is no longer certain that a majority will be achieved in the Senate due to the stance of PvdA and GroenLinks. The coalition does not have a majority in the Senate and therefore depends on the support of the opposition.

During the discussion, deputies from the coalition parties reacted as if they were stung by a hornet. They assumed that the two left-wing opposition parties would support the amendment. These parties have also stated this. “I was surprised, I didn’t expect that,” said CDA member Henri Bontenbal.

Wrong order

However, GroenLinks MP Suzanne Kröger said in her speech that “we are not convinced by the minister’s approach”. PvdA member Joris Thijssen agrees with Kröger that the cabinet chose the wrong order: “First a plan for solar panels in social rental apartments, but then exit.”

They also want to ensure that people can get a return on their investment in solar panels in the near future.

“Before we approve this bill, we need clarity on how to guarantee payback time, accelerate rooftop solar adoption, and all this is part of an approach where we phase out fossil fuels and drive sustainability. said.

The net metering system aims to encourage people to buy solar panels. Panel owners can deduct the electricity they supply to the grid from their total consumption.

The government argues that netting is no longer necessary because electricity prices are now so high. Additionally, those who pay for households with a solar system are mostly those without a solar system.

According to the plan, the regulation will therefore be phased out from 2025. From 2031, solar module owners will no longer be able to compensate. But they get what they pay for the electricity they put into the grid.

Batteries for the home

To further promote sustainable solar use, the ruling parties VVD, D66 and ChristenUnie want to use home or neighborhood batteries to store electricity from the panels. Therefore, they propose that the net metering system be phased out faster than the government intended. They want to use the money this frees up to increase inventory.

Minister Jetten (Climate and Energy) was to address the House of Representatives objections and proposals this evening, but the debate is so over that the Minister will speak later.

Source: NOS