How about without Russian gas? Better CV settings than LED bulbs –

How about without Russian gas?  Better CV settings than LED bulbs –

The major switch to LED lighting can also be realized quickly. “A lot is happening in this area, but it can be done much faster,” says Van der Gaag. Less energy consumption is also beneficial, as approximately half of the electricity in the Netherlands is currently produced by gas-fired power stations.

better insulation

In the slightly longer term, there is a huge benefit to be gained from better insulation. This applies to industry, office buildings and homes. According to the NVDE, the industry offers many opportunities to better insulate pipes.

“The largest part of the energy demand in industry consists of heat circulation in pipes,” explains Van der Gaag. “You lose less heat when you wrap this tube in a quilt. It really is that simple.”

There are already several programs and subsidies for households. The NVDE says these need to be accelerated, but it will take years to get results in this area. There is also a shortage of qualified personnel to do the job.

Keep “Forced Saving”

Many companies (but not the largest energy consumers) are currently obliged to take energy-saving measures if these can be recovered within five years. According to the NVDE, there is little control over whether this actually happens.

“There is still a lot of paper, companies have to submit a plan,” explains Van der Gaag. Managing everyone is a lot of work, because there are tens of thousands of companies. According to the NVDE director, it is better to send audit teams to companies that directly address the situation they are confronted with. “These are measures that allow you to recover quickly. You are doing companies a favor.”

North Sea

An important caveat is that even if the Netherlands saves enough to stop buying gas from Russia, it can still be a problem if other countries don’t. There are agreements to show solidarity in the event of a gas crisis in Europe. And some countries are so dependent on Russian gas that it is impossible to save money.

“It is not a situation that we can solve in isolation in the Netherlands,” says van der Gaag. “So it’s still necessary to see where you can get natural gas.” According to the NVDE, this also requires looking into the North Sea.

Source: NOS