Unions are suing for financial compensation due to Covid for a long time

Unions are suing for financial compensation due to Covid for a long time

Trade unions FNV and CNV are going to court to seek financial compensation for healthcare workers with disabilities due to prolonged Covid. “The government has so far refused to provide any assistance to address the immediate financial distress that has arisen for these health workers,” the unions said.

Nearly a thousand health workers lost their jobs due to ongoing corona complaints. According to FNV and CNV, they need to receive 22,839 euros to compensate for this loss. This amount was paid to employees with other occupational diseases, such as those who had lung problems or cancer as a result of their work.

The unions also demand that the cabinet nominate a body such as the UWV within four weeks to pay the necessary advances.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, compensation negotiations have been held between the Ministry of Health and the unions. No concrete results have yet emerged. Industry associations of the health sector are also involved in these negotiations, but are not directly involved in the summary proceedings of the unions.

“The FNV and CNV believe the government has both a moral and a legal obligation to provide these healthcare workers with financial compliance in the short term,” the unions said. At the start of the corona crisis, medical staff also had to continue to work without appropriate personal protective equipment, such as face masks. “Later it turned out that the state had been warned about the epidemic many times, but took too late and inadequate action,” said Kitty Jong, FNV vice president.

The Ministry of Health said it would not comment on ongoing legal issues. “There is still a request for an agreement and negotiations with employers on this issue are still ongoing” from the Ministry.

Source: NOS