Strong criticism of Minmina’s oil and gas contract announcement

Former Senator for Dignity Jorge Enrique Robledo he trembled: “With their nonsense they have ridiculed Gustavo Petro and the minminas Irene Vélez in Davos. Mrs. Irene’s insistence on no new hydrocarbon contracts reminds me of Goyeneche’s magic formulas (their parents explain to the youngest). Harmful to Colombia”.

The President of the Colombian Association of Oil and Gas (ACP), Francisco Lloreda, published on his Twitter account: “Petro has recognized that the country’s contribution to the climate crisis is almost negligible (0.37% of total GHG). However, the government is pulling its hair out in Davos, saying there will be no new gas and oil exploration contracts, ostensibly to save the planet. Ridiculous”.

Who understands the government: While Ecopetrol’s president in Davos Switzerland confirms that the country should continue to explore and produce oil and gas, in agreement with the finance minister, the energy minister says no new exploration contracts will come. Finally what?” he added.

In turn, National Association of Entrepreneurs (ANDI) president Bruce Mac Master said that “in an economy like Colombia, giving up the main source of foreign exchange income requires a concrete and immediate program to replace it . Otherwise, the consequences could be irreparable.”

Source: El heraldo