About 9.3 million workers should receive severance pay

About 9.3 million workers should receive severance pay

The chairman of the Colombian Association of Managers of Pension and Dismissal Funds (Asofondos), Santiago Montenegro, assures that in a year of political and social changes, such as 2022, the redundancies in the funds showed a stable behavior.

The union points out that at the end of last year, the consolidated value of workers’ layoffs in the funds (Colfondos, Porvenir, Protección and Skandia) was $15.9 trillion, a figure slightly lower than in 2021 when it was $16 . .2 trillion. For their part, a total of 9.3 million employees were affiliated to the funds.

In total, members of the funds raised $7.9 trillion, indicating that the year-over-year increase in withdrawals was 12.7%.

When analyzing the reasons for retirement, it turns out that before the concept of contract termination, employees received more than $2.9 trillion, a figure that represents 36.8% of the total. Furthermore, they used $2.12 billion for home purchase and $2.07 trillion for home improvement or forgiveness (53% of the total).

Montenegro explained that compared to 2021, use for home purchases fell by 1.1% ($2.14 trillion), while take-ups for home improvement increased by 27% ($1.6 trillion). For education, workers withdrew $580 billion, 7.4% of total withdrawals. “These resources have been allies of Colombians when they lost their jobs, helping them cover their expenses while reinvesting themselves,” says Asofondos president.

Source: El heraldo