Gas station strike: some just a day off, some down for 48 hours

The gas station strike changes almost everything. The duration of the strike has been changed, but not for all gas stations. After being summoned to the Italian Ministry of Commerce and Made in Italy, some abbreviations representing the petrol pump operators actually announced a reduction in the protest scheduled for Tuesday 24 January on the normal network and on the motorways at 10 pm.

Distributors are only one day off

The national presidency, Faib Confesercenti, which was urgently convened after meeting with Minister Urso, evaluated and affirmed the clarifications presented, and was formalized with an amendment to the decree law. The decision is to reduce the strike to one day.

“The national presidency, Faib Confesercenti, urgently met after his meeting with Minister Urso – reads a note – evaluated the openings presented and found it positive and has already been formalized by an amendment to the decree law”. Specifically, Faib explains, “a rapid assembly of a supply chain chart to address the age-old problems of the industry, which began with significant reductions in fines, rationalization of signage in factories, contractual illegality and cost reduction.” For this reason, the Faib presidency decided to reduce the mobilization to a single day, as a sign of appreciation for the work of the minister and his collaborators, and in order to reduce the grievances of the citizens.

Italian Gas Station Federation Faib is the most representative association in the fuel distribution industry in Italy: therefore, the disturbance caused by the announced strike is expected to last only one day for most gas stations in the country.

Vending machines were closed for two days

“Too little and too late to cancel the strike. Meanwhile, the commendable Minister Urso’s last-minute initiative fails to intervene with the necessary concreteness”. This was stated in a joint note by Fegica, Figisc and Anisa in which they approved the 48-hour strike, which will run from 7pm on January 24, 2023 to 7pm on January 26.

Fegica, Figisc and Anisa underline that “The category’s intention to contribute fully to the reform process that has just been announced is confirmed. The governing groups of the category organizations are scheduled to meet tomorrow at 11:00 am. At the Sala Capranichetta in Piazza Montecitorio, to MPs and senators from all parliamentary groups.” open”.

Source: Today IT