5 most demanded ancient crafts on the market

In the digital age, ancient artifacts sustained by the tradition of our ancestors are disappearing. As such, manufacturers and craftsmen are an absurdly sought-after and valuable commodity. But what’s going on? In this revolution, in this change, many people are giving up the idea of ​​industrial or mass-produced products and starting to find the pleasure of personalized and handmade things again.

This is the reason why old handicrafts have recently come back into the limelight. These are highly qualified occupations that can offer interesting job opportunities and provide immense personal satisfaction. But although dexterity and creativity are the foundation of craftsmanship, these jobs are currently seen as a second choice in training courses for the youngest. In some cases it was even underestimated. It’s like it’s a B-series job.

However, let’s try to analyze some figures to understand how the situation has developed. In the next paragraphs, we will find out which ancient handicrafts are the most in demand on the market.

Current situation in the labor market

The monthly newsletter, published by the Excelsior information system in collaboration with Anpal and Unioncamere, shows that at least 4 out of 10 companies struggle to identify candidates for roles they explore. This document highlighted a snapshot of the first half of 2022, with nearly 1 million jobs still unearthed and not easy to find.

In addition, if the demand for figures in the qualified or professional categories are analyzed, the figure rises. In the second case, we are talking about 200,000 figures that could not be found due to insufficient special preparation of the candidates. In fact, due to the lack of already trained personnel. In this category alone, it actually amounts to at least 50%, the percentage of companies that find it extremely difficult to communicate with future collaborators.

While these data are alarming in themselves, the situation gets worse when we analyze the employment situation of young people. According to recent research, young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who are not enrolled in any classes or are not employed in a work setting (defined in jargon as: net) is about 3 million.

But the latest analyzes taken tell us more. These data show that we Italians are a nation of dreams. And despite the new digital age attracting many newbies, there is still a good niche of newbies willing to sacrifice themselves for their passions. Whether they are cooks or craftsmen.

Disputes of the chief’s job

He is one of the chefs who has come to the fore in recent years thanks to numerous television shows. professions most demanded by young people At the same time, he was attracted by both creativity and a passion for good food.

Yet not everything that shines is gold. According to a recent study, the proportion of young people who want to choose this career path reaches 70%. The media show created around this profession in recent years has actually created a business cliché that it is easy to build a career, settle in and gain a reputation by forgetting and underestimating the real side of the job. In fact, it’s a job that causes you to get up early in the morning, spend long hours in the kitchen, and spend weekends and holidays at work instead of with relatives or family.

It’s a career that really puts a lot of effort into it. As well as the victims. And in most cases, notoriety is zero. Not to mention the need for a constant pursuit of improvement, where work and learning is continuous. Fame comes only after years of sweat and sacrifice. Could this be why so many people decide to quit their careers after a few months of experience in the kitchen?

What job are young people looking for?

According to the latest analysis, 31 percent of the young people tend towards the gold market, 24 percent dream of being a shoemaker and 15 percent want to be a farmer. An unusual result is certainly 20% from the luthier trade, and although ceramics has risen to 8%, there are two other ancient trades that today’s children do. We’re talking about a good 5% of those who dream of weaving wicker baskets, and 12% of those who want to be construction workers, remér of gondola shovels and pitchforks.

5 most demanded ancient crafts on the market

Now that we know what young people will like, let’s try to figure out which are the 5 most demanded ancient crafts. This survey was conducted by Espresso Communication for Cameo Italia..

The Italian tanning industry, especially in the Veneto region, is considered a worldwide known manufacturing excellence. Thanks to the production processes, a long-lasting product suitable for daily use is given to the leather.

It is an art that was born in the Baroque period in the heart of Cremona in Italy, and in Europe it owes its fame to the masters of Granada. Luthier creates and repairs plectrum instruments such as the oud, guitar, and mandolin, as well as stringed instruments such as the violin and cello.

At Torre del Greco, skilled master craftsmen create miniatures on coral and seashells, following centuries-old traditions and techniques.

Linen, silk, wool, cotton, Bel Paese have always stood out for their quality and the way these professionals embellish and value their embroidery.

It is a profession that is making a comeback, thanks to the need for professionals who repair seats for industrially produced chairs. Wicker makers are artisans who specialize in the manufacture of wicker and wicker, and can also make various sizes of baskets and containers for carboys.

Source: Today IT