Gas stations that remain open despite the strike


The gas station strike began Tuesday evening, January 24, at 7 PM on the regular network and at 10 PM on the highways. A last-minute attempt by Minister of Initiative and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, to reach an agreement and prevent the protest failed, but the Faib union, which reduced the mobilization to a single day, and the exhibitors were divided. Most refueling stations – including self-service – will remain closed for 48 hours. A new union summit is scheduled for today: the protest may end early this evening, but at the moment this is only a hypothesis (as we have explained here).

However, users should be guaranteed minimal refueling services both in the city and on the highway. This is why some distributors remain open. The self-regulatory act of the strike commission in the civil service, in fact, ensures that some essential services are always provided. In particular, 12.5% ​​of outlets are guaranteed to open on normal roads (in urban and extra-urban areas), while on the highway network – from north to south and south to north – opening service area every 100 kilometers.

Gas stations open today and tomorrow, 25 and 26 January 2023, during the strike

So which gas stations remain open even during the strike? The list of open factories is determined by the governorships for factories in the inner city and suburban areas, while the list of gas stations open on the highway is created by region. The Fegica union remembers that strikers turned off everything, including self-service pumps, while those who kept it open guaranteed all services normally offered. According to the information published on the website of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, 175 factories out of 477 were active on the entire motorway network, Rome ring road, Naples ring road and 477 during the two-day strike. On some consular roads evenly distributed throughout Italy. Here you will find the full list by clicking “shift A”.

19 on the A1 motorway, 10 on the A3 motorway, 15 on the A4, 3 on the A5, 4 on the A6, 5 on the A7, 2 on the A8-A9, 6 on the A10, two on the A11, 8 on the A12, A13 4 on A14, 4 on A15 and A16, 3 on A18 and A19, 2 on A20, 6 on A21, 7 on A22, 2 on A23, 3 on A24, 2 on A25, 6 on A26, A27 2 on the A28, 3 on the A30 and A31, 3 on the A32 and A50, two on the A51, one on the A52, 4 on the A55, 2 on the A57, 3 on the Naples ring road , 4 in Gra and Motorway 2 in Rome-Fiumicino, even in the case of a closed fuel plant, the catering services of the automatic grills are independent and remain open.

Facilities that are directly managed by their owners remain open. According to the Fegica union, there are about two thousand stations directly managed by oil companies, out of 22,000 gas stations in Italy, and therefore “will reasonably remain open”. For example, factories belonging to Asnali, the autonomous national association of free entrepreneurs whose members do not participate in any protests, remain open.

Gas stations opened in Lombardy, Lazio and Campania

Let’s see in detail what the situation is in some areas. Lombardy has 21 petrol stations open on the highways: San Donato West, San Donato East, Brianza South, Monte Alto East, Monte Alto West, Sebino North, Lambro North, Cantalupa West, Dorno East, Villoresi East, Brughiera West, Stradella south, Ghedi east, Ghedi west, Stradella north, Rho west, San Giuliano west, Muggiano east, Cascina Gobba east, Cascina Gobba west, Cinisello north.

The Lazio region, on the other hand, has approved a regional regulation that “identifies the service stations of the Lazio and GRA motorway network in Rome and is guaranteed to be opened”. The 16 petrol stations that are open are: Flaminia West, La Macchia West, Frascati West, Prenestina East, Salaria East, Tuscolana East, Tyrrhenian Sea west, Aronne east, Tiburtina south, Colle Tasso north, inner Selva Candida, inner Pisana, outer Pisana , Selva Candida outside, Magliana north and Magliana south.

There are also 15 cable cars open on the highways in Campania: San Nicola West, San Pietro (Ramo Capodichino), Teano East, Torre Annunziata West, Campagna West, Sala Consilina East, Salerno East, Vesuvius South, Calaggio South, Mirabella North, Tre Ponti west , Angioina east, Doganella north, Antica Campana north, Antica Campana south.

Gas stations opened in Emilia Romagna

Concerning the national strike of the fuel distribution companies, the Emilia Romagna region has reported the list of facilities that need to be guaranteed service in the motorway network, including ring roads and intersections. Facilities in the region that must guarantee service for the entire duration of the strike are:

A1 motorway
– Arda West service area from Milan to Naples, 73 km; West Cantagallo service area, km 199.
– Naples to Milan Cantagallo East service area, km 199; East Arda service area, km 73.

A13 motorway
– From Bologna to the Padua Castel Bentivoglio East service area, km 11.
– From Padua to Bologna Castel Bentivoglio West service area, km 11.

A14 motorway
– Bologna to Taranto La Pioppa West service area, km 2; Santerno West service area, km 59; Montefeltro West service area, km 133.
– from Taranto to the Bologna Bevano Est service area, km 89; Service area Sillaro Est, km 37.

A15 motorway
– From Parma to La Spezia Medesano West service area, km 15.
– From La Spezia to the Parma Tugo Est service area, km 54.

A22 motorway
– Modena to Brennero Campogalliano Est service area, km 309.

Distributors opened in Trentino Alto Adige

Fuel distribution facilities on the A22 in the Trentino area, “Nogaredo west” (direction Modena) and “Paganella east” (direction Brenner), will guarantee fuel supply service to the public during the strike on Wednesday and Thursday, January 25 and January 26.

Distributors opened in Tuscany

The Tuscany region also conveyed the list of service stations in the highway network that should remain open on the occasion of the strike announced by some professional chambers from 22:00 on January 24, 2023 to 22:00 on January 26, 2023.

  • A1 motorway, direction Minano-Naples Bisenzio-West, km 280 Badia al Pino West, km 362;
  • A1 motorway, Naples-Milan towards Montepulciano Est, km 395 Arno Est, km 321 Firenze Nord, km 280;
  • A11 motorway, Firenze-Pisa Peretola Nord direction, km 2;
  • A11 motorway, Pisa-Florence Migliarino Sud direction, km 79;
  • A12 motorway, Genoa-Rome towards Castagnolo Ovest, km 164;
  • A12 motorway, direction Rome-Genoa Fine Est, km 200;
  • A15 motorway, direction Parma-La Spezia San Benedetto Ovest, 80 km.

Source: Today IT


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