Nine companies reported increases in energy rates despite Petro measures

The increase in energy rates had a major impact on the quality of life of Colombians in 2022. So much so that all users in the country gathered by department to demonstrate against the upward trend.

“It’s not fair that I pay 217,000 pesos a month for electricity while I’m working all day. If I pay the bill, I don’t eat, and if I eat, I can’t pay the bill. I don’t sleep and I can’t be calm because of this situation, what they are doing to users is abuse, I paid 87,000 pesos three months ago and I still have the same electrical appliances,” said Nancy Orozco De la Hoz, a user from Barranquilla middle in the demonstrations held at the beginning of the month of November 2022.

Faced with this problem, President Gustavo Petro announced a series of measures, including the renegotiation of bilateral contracts (more than 80 companies accepted) and the indexer change to update the transmission and distribution components.

This contingency plan succeeded not only in stopping the upward trend that started in October 2021, but also in reducing rates by an average of 1.2% nationwide between August and December 2022.

Coastal companies have reported remarkable reductions in energy rates, a situation that has greatly benefited users. For example, the Air-e company had a 2.1% discount between August and December 2022.

Similarly, Celsia Tolima was the company that registered the largest reduction for the users it serves in this department at 7.3%. The company announced that the drop in rates for its users was due to the sum of the efforts of the majority of companies in the industry, especially generators, transporters and distributors.

After Celsia, there are the Empresa de Energía del Putumayo (-7.25%), the Empresa de Energía del Bajo Putumayo (-4.2%) and Emcali (-3.7%).

Despite the government’s measures, nine companies reported rate increases between August and December. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Ruitoque, which serves users from different municipalities of Santander, was the company with the highest increase, at 4%

Also on the list are Electrohuila (3.8%), Enelar (3.2%), Electrocaquetá (2.0%), Enerca (0.9%), Chec (0.4%), Essa (0 .3%) and the Pereira Energy Company (0.1%).

Source: El heraldo