Gasoline rises dangerously again: already over 2 euros in service

With the new increases in international refined product prices, recommended fuel prices started to rise again. And national averages of prices charged to the pump have also increased: “do-it-yourself” petrol 1,875 Euro/liter, “offered” 2.01 Euro/liter; At 1.92 the “do-it-yourself” diesel is offered at 2.05 euros/litre. This is the conclusion drawn from Staffetta Quotidiana’s usual research. On Friday morning, Eni increased the recommended prices of gasoline and diesel by one cent per liter. For Tamoil, there is an increase of one cent per liter for diesel.

Berlusconi: “The strike should have been avoided”

The gas station strike was “a strike that should have been avoided because the victims would still be citizens. Minister Urso acted well and managed to limit the duration of the strike. This is definitely good news for everyone. However, I should add that the managers are very right about one thing: They do not deserve to be shown as responsible for the increase in oil prices, or even as speculators. “The hikes in the last months were in no way dependent on the gas stations who were victims like us,” he said. So Silvio Berlusconi interviewed Paolo Del Debbio in ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ on Rete 4.

M5s against Meloni

“First the failure to approve the cut in excise taxes, then the January pantomime of the Meloni-Urso duo, amid accusations against gas stations, the launch of unnecessary Dl transparency, and finally a series of meetings that resulted in a strike at Palazzo Chigi have resolved nothing”: M5S MPs in the Room for Productive Activities like this. “As consumer associations say – they continue – oil prices continue to be disproportionate and burden families struggling with an ever-increasing shopping cart. Russia, but we do not know if the government has taken any national or international action. Italy is heavily dependent on certain supplies. And it will be important to understand whether Italian businesses and households can stay here, don’t worry because prices are high. The percentage of petrol pumps is already skyrocketing”.

Gas prices today

These are averages of applied prices recorded at approximately 18,000 factories at 8 am yesterday morning, forwarded by managers to the Ministry of Economic Development’s Price Observatory and detailed by Staffetta: self-service gasoline 1,875 euro/liter (+ 6,000th, companies 1,876 , white pumps 1,870), diesel 1,918 euro/liter (+5, companies 1,921, white pumps 1,910).

Gasoline was offered at 2,010 Euro/liter (+6, companies 2,051, white pumps 1,929), diesel at 2,054 Euro/liter (+6, companies 2,098, white pumps 1,967).

LPG 0.782 euro/liter (unchanged, companies 0.793, white pumps 0.769), methane 2,132 euro/kg (-3, companies 2,144, white pumps 2,123), LNG 2,618 euro/kg (+4, companies 2,652 euro/kg, white pumps) 2,592 euro/kg).

Finally, the prices on the motorways are: self-service petrol 1,945 euro/liter (2,203 service), self-service diesel 1,988 euro/liter (2,246), LPG 0,885 euro/liter, methane 2,185 euro/kg, LNG 2,593 euro/kg.

Source: Today IT