“I leave with the satisfaction of having fulfilled my duty”: Felipe Bayón

“This Wednesday, February 1, I will have been with Ecopetrol for seven years and president for five and a half years. In this sense, the dialogue with the company’s board of directors has been respectful for some time with the common goal being that the company continues to strengthen”.

He stressed that he will attend the general shareholders’ meeting before his retirement and that his departure has nothing to do with the government’s announcement not to sign any new oil and gas exploration contracts.

Bayón, who was with the Minister of Mines and Energy this ThursdayIrene Velez, in Huila at the inauguration of a solar park, he expressed his gratitude to the company’s employees for the results achieved.

For his part, the Minister of Finance, Jose Antonio Ocampoconfirmed that the decision to withdraw Bayón was made by Ecopetrol’s board of directors.

However, the announcement of the director’s departure sparked concern in many sectors of the country and contributed to the fall in shares of Ecopetrol and ISA on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC).

For example, the value of the title of the oil company fell by 3.82% to $2,590 and that of ISA by 7.85% to $19,010. Added to this was a reduction in the price of corporate bonds.

On leaving Bayón, the Colombian Association of Oil and Gas (ACP) affirmed that Ecopetrol’s board of directors has “a huge historical responsibility in deciding on its replacement, due to the future of

Source: El heraldo