Family support is the key to success

from very young Rosmery Quintero Castro she made the decision to work on the transformation not only of her life, but of those around her.

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She has an innate leadership ability that has led her to position herself as one of the most influential costeños in the country.

He began working at the age of 17 as an intern with the National Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (collected) and is currently the national president of the union, one of the oldest in Colombia.

He assures that his calling is service and that he combines this with his high sense of responsibility in all tasks and actions he undertakes.

“If there is one thing that makes people’s lives easier it is that it builds trust and this is not because I want them to trust me, it is something that is built every day with words, deeds, keeping promises and having your relationships with the public good,” he says.

Rosmery Quintero finds the perfect balance between her family and her professional life. She assures that her three daughters are her greatest pride and that they, together with her partner and her close friends, give her the necessary support for her. business activity and as a union leader.

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He also finds a stimulus in painting with palette knife in acrylic in which all his creativity.

She is a Caribbean woman with body and heart and confirms that she cannot imagine living in any other city Barranquilla. In addition, he alternates his city residence with a country house, a few minutes from the capital of the Atlantic Ocean, where you receive your friends and family.

“When I say I’m Caribbean and I’m from Barranquilla my face lights up, it’s my essence, I’m happy, talkative and I don’t like confinement. The sun and the wind feel different in this city than in any other region.”

Also enjoy the gastronomy of Barranquilla with all the influences of immigrants who have enriched the local history with their culture and flavors.

When analyzing the role of Ladies in society and companies, he assures that he has witnessed an important evolution and emphasizes that the institutional framework currently gives them more space. All this has enabled them to stand out in various fields such as politics, business, the armed forces and others.

“The woman is deeply committed to that social world and this goes hand in hand with her role as a leader in the family. It is there where I recognize that there is a great sacrifice because you never stop mother, wife, sister, daughter, sister “, it says.

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He considers quality time devoted to family relationships and being always present as essential.

She is convinced that women should not limit themselves in taking advantage of opportunities, because they can sometimes fall into self-exclusion.

In taking charge of Acopi, first in the Atlántico section and then national level, The aim was to strengthen trade union representation.

“A union that doesn’t have a president who doesn’t defend or who doesn’t have representativeness, it is called to disappear, because that is its raison d’être”, he affirms.

As President of Acopi, he has participated in the most relevant and conjunctural discussions in the country as he serves on key decision-making chambers such as the Salary Policies Agreement Commission.

The interaction with the boards of directors and business people enables him to have a vision of what the needs and problems are of national importance. In his day-to-day performance as a union leader, his vocation to service and decision to contribute to the business and social development.

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Source: El heraldo