There is no magic formula for doing business

If you are from Barranquilla or have had any reference to the city in the last 10 years, it is very likely that you already associate the image of the capital of the Atlantic with the monument la Window to the world built at the end of 2018 on the occasion of the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games.

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And in case you didn’t know, behind such a magnificent work of art that stands on Avenida Circunvalar with Vía 40, is one of the most charismatic businessmen in history, not only in Barranquilla, but all over the country.

Christian Daes Abuchaibe is the operations manager of Tecnoglass (COO)a corporate holding company that is the pride of the people of Barranquilla, that has taken window and glass production to unexpected levels, is part of the architectural development in the most unexpected corners of the world, especially in the United States and is today capitalized on the New York Stock Exchange, something few companies can afford.

Daes is known by the motto “it is better to give than to receive”, but in his case it is one philosophy that it has become an aloof and generous lifestyle, which puts him in the collective imagination of the Barranquillero as that businessman who can “give a hand” for anything.

In addition to the emblematic Window to the World, Daes has been the manager of many works in the neighborhoods of his company’s influence, including the CAI, the fire station and the neighborhood beautification Flowers.

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Like a good Barranquillero, he professes a great passion for carnival, but especially for the Juniorthe city team, with which he is connected as a sponsor and from the heart in every intervention on his social networks, where people call him in confidence “Uncle Chris.”

“It has always been a part of my life, I have memories of when I was 6 years old and Junior finished second in Cali, watching big stars who are part of the team’s history today. I love this shirt, and I get excited every time it wins and I get bitter every time it loses. It is a passion that is carried inside.”

Because of this passion, he ventured to come up with another monument, and in 2018 he told the legendary one Julio Comesana that if he brought the ninth star for the Shark team he would make a statue for him.

Today, the champion’s window is another benchmark of modern architecture that identifies the city where not only the statue of Comesaña stands, but also many other great legends of the club, crowned with a glass structure where you can see the silhouette of a giant fin see , always lit with themes referencing Junior.

But apart from his great works, Christian Daes is a generous man in every sense of the word. Many people ask him for things and he, through the Tecnoglass Foundation, helps the great bastion through which he has been able to vent the altruism that characterizes him.

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He has been a born entrepreneur from an early age. “My brother and I started our life as entrepreneurs very early. We owned several businesses, including a trouser factory, clothing stores United Statesinvestments in real estate, and the one who fills us with blessings, the glass and window factory Tecnoglass”.

But Daes keeps in mind that his start as an entrepreneur was full of challenges and crises that he and his brother turned into opportunities. “There is no magic formula for undertaking, there is desire, discipline and determination to move forward. Despite being told ‘no’, you must continue to work with commitment and perseverance, making decisions in line with the strategy and long-term profit, taking into account that a company is not built in a day, but in a day. day,” he says.

Daes is aware that the world is changing, “but there is something we must maintain and that is the desire to work, to do business, to continue to create employment and to contribute to building a more just and inclusive society”.

His most cherished business principles are accountability to others, empathy and resilience. “They have enabled me to positively impact the lives of many people and have led me to where we are today. In my business activities techno glass We understand that helping others is a fundamental part of us.”

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Source: El heraldo