Tigo connected more than 620 locations that never had internet before

Tigo connected more than 620 locations that never had internet before

During 2022, Tigo reached more than 620 sites that had never had internet access, under the coverage commitments acquired in the 2019 spectrum auction.

The national coverage extension project will reach a total of 1,636 places (which have never had internet access) with the 700 MHz network, in accordance with the plan drawn up with the Ministry of ICT.

The company assured that Chocó is the department that has benefited the most from this implementation, as more than 100 remote locations now have a 4G antenna.

“Occasionally we talk and reveal from a screen about closing the digital divide. Or we talk about digital poverty. But we at Tigo can say that we are already touring deep in Colombia. We can say that we are closing the digital divide where it matters, in the field. We can’t measure what it means to bring the Internet to an area that has never had an antenna. It is something that fills us with pride and a commitment to go further,” emphasizes Marcelo Cataldo, President of Tigo.

To power up the antennas serving more than 700 communities in deep Colombia, Tigo worked continuously for 25 months to access the areas, conduct necessary consultations with the communities and carry out the technical implementation. All this in a complex context due to situations arising from the pandemic and public order in the area. In addition, almost 100 employees are needed.

“I never tire of insisting, the moment when members of a remote community make a video call in 4G technology with relatives they have not seen for months or connect to the world via WhatsApp (which seems so simple to us) is the little big thing It shows what it means to close the digital divide on the ground and not just in speech,” explains Cataldo.

Tigo hopes to complete the expansion of national coverage in the next four years and contribute to the goal of closing the digital divide in Colombia.

Source: El heraldo