“We cannot close ourselves to the fact that there is no new contract”: Belizza Ruiz

While former deputy energy minister Belizza Ruiz confirmed the lack of technical support for the Ministry of Mines and Energy’s report on the country’s gas reserves, she assured that she was “wrong” by the decision not to undertake new exploration contracts. to doubt. of gas and oil.

Ruiz had submitted his resignation to the president in early January and it was only accepted last Friday.

In an interview with Cambio, after President Gustavo Petro accepted his resignation, Ruiz revealed details about Minminas’s current operation, his relations with Minister Irene Vélez, and the way the controversial report was drawn up suggesting that the country’s gas reserves could Reach 2037 or 2042.

The figures in this report, published at the end of 2022, have been used by Minister Vélez and President Petro to justify the decision not to execute new oil and gas exploration contracts.

“We are talking about 12 years if we take into account the three types of reserves. But if we are stricter and only take into account the first, the proven ones, we cannot speak of more than eight years. If we add the others, we can go to about 11 years and that’s what the former official says to the national media.

When asked whether Minister Vélez lied to the country when she said that the report had been consulted and that none of the signatories disagreed with the publication, Ruiz replies: “Did Minister Vélez lie? The answer is yes and I have proof That test is coming up don’t ask me for it today I will introduce it later He lied because the Directorate of Hydrocarbons which belongs to what was my office told him in a WhatsApp communication the problems with the document and to the at the end he told him please don’t start about the issue of reserves because we are going to get into trouble In other words there was not just a communication from the director of hydrocarbons In that sense he lied I would like that my name is removed from that document, that is, I would respectfully ask her to remove it.”

Source: El heraldo