Families who have to (partially) refund 7 months’ only child allowance

Single-parent families may have to return certain amounts of the single, universal allowance to INPS for each dependent child; this measure has combined a range of interventions to support families with children in one facility since March 2022. Since October 2022, beneficiaries of this category of single-person allowance have seen the increase of up to 30 euros recognized if both parents have income from work, begin to be deducted from the monthly wage. They can now be asked to reimburse up to 210 euros per child.

This is because the legislator wants to provide additional support during working hours to families who, because both parents are engaged in a work activity, have to resort to babysitting services or, in any case, other forms of assistance. they cannot take care of their children. In detail, paragraph 8 of article 4 of the decree law n. 230/2021, which sets the single benefit, recognizes an increase equal to 30 euros per month for each minor for those with an ISEE below 15,000 euros if “both parents have income from work”. The value of the increase is gradually reduced above 15,000 euros until it reaches zero with an ISEE of 40,000 euros.

single child allowance 2023

Applying the provisions of the decree to the letter, the National Social Security Institution decided that the increase in question would be granted only to the households where the mother and father lived together. Therefore, single-parent families benefiting from the raise in the first months of 2022 may be asked to repay the amounts previously paid. The decree does not mention single-parent households: therefore, single-parent families still claimed the increase, as many single-parent families did not clearly state the requirements in the INPS application form. However, considering that there is actually only one, the rule is not followed as it is not true that “both” parents are working.

The confusion meant that INPS paid the requested increase when applying for a single allowance in the first term, but was later cut from October 2022. Rule with the budget law of 2023. However, the Meloni government did not intervene to change the decision taken by the Draghi government. And so the INPS is now forced to correct the seven-month situation with incorrectly paid increments, that is, from March to September.

Beneficiaries may therefore be asked to repay an amount of up to EUR 210 per child (ie EUR 30 for seven months). Therefore, the total amount for a widowed mother with two underage children would be 420 Euros. A single father with three children may have to repay 630 euros.

Source: Today IT