The bonus of 150 euros ends on 31 January: who can claim it?

Only a few hours left. The deadline for claiming the EUR 150 bonus for certain categories of workers by INPS ends on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. So who has the right to this? And how to apply for compensation? First of all, let’s not forget that among the mandatory conditions to receive compensation, the total gross income in the 2021 tax period should not exceed 20 thousand Euros.

In addition, the bonus does not contribute to income generation and no representative contribution is credited during its lifetime. In addition, the compensation is one-time only and is allocated only once. The categories of workers who can claim this bonus are:

  • holders of coordinated and ongoing cooperation agreements (called;
  • On June 18, 2022, when the Decree-Law came into force, scholarship doctoral students and research assistants whose contracts continue;
  • seasonal workers (fixed and intermittent);
  • workers registered in the pension fund for show business workers.

To claim the 150 euro bonus, the methods remain the same. After completing access through the person’s digital IDs, primarily through the online service accessed through the “non-retirement benefits access point” on the INPS website. Then you select the job category you are applying for and submit your application.

Patronages and contact center can also request benefits to users by calling 803.164 on a landline (toll free) or 06.164164 on a mobile phone.

Source: Today IT