GEB received reactors for the Colectora project in La Guajira

GEB received reactors for the Colectora project in La Guajira

Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB) received 28 reactors and associated accessories from Brazil for the construction of the electricity transmission project Colectora in La Guajira and Cesar.

The industrial equipment was received at the port of Santa Marta (Magdalena) by personnel from the Logistics Management and Supply Operations Department of the Supply Synergies Management of the GEB Corporate Synergies Center, in the development of a logistics operation that required 65 trips in three days and the use of heavy machinery such as 100-ton telescopic cranes, modular equipment and trailers to move the reactors to the free zone.

Enlaza, GEB’s new subsidiary – created to manage electricity transmission projects and the assets in use in Colombia – is responsible for the construction of Colectora, a mega-engineering project that will be included in the National Interconnected System (SIN), not -conventional renewable energy (wind and solar) that will be produced in the north of the Atlantic coast, to meet about 10% of the country’s demand for this service.

“We continue to work hard on all fronts at Colectora. This project is essential because the parks can be built and start generating, but who will they send the energy to if there are not enough lines to integrate them into the SIN? That is why this line is so relevant for Colombia, as it can connect up to 1,050 megawatts of energy that will be generated in the wind farms in the north of the country,” explains Fredy Zuleta, general manager of Enlaza.

The reactors, which are necessary to protect and maintain the capacity of the lines in case of unexpected variations or possible damage to the electrical system, are added to the 13,000 tons of material for the construction of the towers and the construction of the project lines, those that arrived in the country last July and that are ready in warehouses awaiting the start of works.

The 500 kilovolt (kV) Colectora project includes the construction of the new Colectora substation, the expansion of the Cuestecitas and La Loma substations, and the construction of two transmission lines in the Colectora – Cuestecitas and Cuestecitas – La Loma stretch, totaling 475 kilometers . The area of ​​influence includes 14 municipalities in the departments of La Guajira and Cesar.

In parallel to these technical tasks, one of the largest prior consultation processes with ethnic communities in the country is being carried out; To date, 218 agreements have been formalized, more than 95% progress for the start of the construction phase.

Source: El heraldo