Gas bills will drop 40%, but not for everyone

After the sharp drop in the price of gasoline, monthly bills for protected customers should drop by about 40% in January. This was expressed by Davide Tabarelli, head of Nomisma Energia, on the eve of the official correspondence from Arera, who confirmed the statements of the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, who recently formulated an estimate of the same magnitude. . A significant return to benefit households after gas bills (based on December consumption) rose more than 23% in early January.

It is difficult to predict what will happen in February, given the strong fluctuations in the markets. “The crisis is not over, the winter is not over, in any case, it is possible that there will be a recovery within the scope of a normalization compared to the last months, in the prices that fell a lot in January.”

Obviously, Arera’s reference prices are of interest to users of the “advanced protection” market, while those who have signed a contract in the free market find themselves dealing with different price dynamics.

Gasoline price has never been lower since 2021: when bills are updated

The TTF index of the Amsterdam stock exchange is the main reference for gas price formation in Europe. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, gas prices have experienced unprecedented increases due to dependence on Russian gas and the lack of alternatives on the market. After the peak of 342.8 Euros per megawatt hour reached in August 2022, the price started to decline from mid-December, which continues today.

Source: Today IT