Increase in gasoline is another blow to the wallet, say users

Vehicle and motorcycle users in Barranquilla expressed their displeasure with the new $250 increase in the price of a gallon of regular gasoline for February, keeping it at $10,449 on average for this city.

They confirmed that the increase does not fit well with the current inflation scenario with increases in the prices of products and services that are part of the household basket.

This is the fifth monthly increment and generates a cumulative amount of $1,250. In the last quarter of 2022, there were monthly increases of $200, for a total of $600. In January of this year, the increase was $400, and in February, it was $250.

The retail price of regular gasoline in the various cities of the country averaged $10,399 per gallon. For its part, ACPM’s selling price remains $9,065 per gallon.

Faced with this increase, Whitney Gómez, a private vehicle user in Barranquilla, pointed out that the increase has an impact on her wallet and that of everyone in general.

“Only the increase in gasoline causes all products to rise, especially food for the home. It also affects me in everyday life as I have to move myself around the city a lot,” Gómez told EL HERALDO.

He added that the national government should regulate or look for alternatives to replace the rise in gasoline with other mechanisms to equalize the daily expenses of the most affected, ordinary citizens.

On the other hand, Duver Lara, a taxi driver from the city of Barranquilla, said that the situation is so critical that his economy will be affected in the future if this trend continues.

“At the moment it will not even be enough to even buy a banana, the situation is difficult for taxi drivers, since in these times after paying the daily rate, there is no money left to eat or pay for services, just one pays and pays, the rates are sufficient to not have to do anything at home,’ says Lara.

Meanwhile, Claudia Lara, a motorcycle user in Barranquilla, indicated that her productivity will be severely affected as her motorcycle is her daily work tool.

“It has a lot more impact because I’m on the street all day and it’s a great thing, in less than five months it’s up $1,250. I fill up every other day, my motorcycle is cheap, but it has affected me a lot and probably will in the future,” the woman explained, asking the government to take decisions to improve this outlook.

With the gradual increase in the price of regular petrol, the national government wants to reduce the fiscal impact of the operation of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC) on the national budget.

Source: El heraldo