Mobile bonus and online purchases: there is good news about the downtime

There is another good news for those who want to take advantage of the furniture and white goods bonus: In fact, a power of attorney has been issued for the 50% Irpef deduction even for the refrigerator purchased online without a prepaid invoice. the quality and quantity of goods purchased. For this reason, those who place this order on the web will not lose the mobile bonus determined by the Revenue Administration on the occasion of the “Telefisco 2023” event organized by Il Sole 24Ore. A traceable payment method is required: The person making the purchase must also be the owner of the credit card. The receipt is also required to ensure that the refrigerator in question meets the requirements to access the incentive (i.e. it must belong to class F).

As we explain here, the furniture and appliances bonus is an Irpef deduction for the purchase of furniture and major appliances to furnish a property that is undergoing renovations. The deduction should be calculated as a maximum of 8,000 euros for 2023 and 5,000 euros for 2024, including all transport and assembly costs. The amount should be divided into ten equal annual installments. For 2021, the spending ceiling for which the deduction will be calculated was 16,000 euros, while for 2022 it was 10,000 euros. Payment must be made by bank transfer or debit or credit card. However, payment by bank check, cash or other payment methods is not allowed.

Until 31 December 2024, those who purchase new furniture and white goods (not less than Class A for ovens, Class E for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, Class F for refrigerators and freezers) benefit from the discount, and those who have built buildings will benefit from the discount on January 1 of the year prior to the purchase of the assets. renewals from.

Source: Today IT