“I can’t live there on 750 euros, let’s stop accepting hunger wages”: engineer’s outburst goes viral

“But at 27, do I have to live on 750 euros? But I don’t pay the rent, I don’t live on it. So I said no.” The statement of a girl describing her work experience, which ended with the claim that her employer gave her a low salary, became a hot topic on social media. The person who will post the video, which has been viewed 1.7 million times on TikTok alone, is Selena Candia, a district councilor elected by the centre-left in Liguria. The video we read was filmed at a dinner “between a group of boys and girls we’ve met to talk politics for months”. Therefore, the young engineer talks about his work experience, which has apparently come to an end. At the end of his internship, an engineering studio offered him a collaboration of 900 Euros per VAT number, which means “750 Euro net excluding taxes”. And best of all: only 150 euros more than he received as a trainee.

The engineer initially accepted the offer, but refused to continue the business relationship whenever possible. “No, I don’t accept it because it’s not true”. The reason: The mentality, he says, is such that even entrepreneurs who can afford to pay their employees more agree with the general trend. And this is evidenced by the fact that after the refusal, both he and his colleague received an increase offer. The young woman in the video adds, “We’re not talking about people who can’t pay you, but people who know the system and don’t pay. Otherwise, because when I refused, they gave me 1200. -1300 Euros? Otherwise, those who cannot refuse will be forced to lower the bar. This is what the left should do: make it clear that we must stop lowering the bar. We have to stop lowering the bar when we work”.

Source: Today IT