Colombia and Venezuela sign agreement to boost investment


“Colombian investment is welcome throughout the economic body of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (…) we must open the floodgates for investment in oil, gas, petrochemicals, tourism, farming, agribusiness, industry, logistics, infrastructure,” he said.

For his part, the Colombian minister assured that the signing is “a historic milestone” that represents an “example for all” South America and everything Latin America“.

“This is really a sign of integration, of industrial, productive, service complementarity, of creating this complementarity for the development of joint employment, of clear rules of the game on our borders, and it will mean a new development model,” he said.

Both countries resume diplomatic relations, severed in 2019, after seizing power in the Andean nation Gustavus Petro, last August, a process that continued with the reopening of the border in September, after being closed to car traffic for 7 years, and with the reactivation of the air link in November.

Source: El heraldo


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