Regional train staff will also go on strike next week

Regional train staff will also go on strike next week

The regional transport strike will be extended next week. Arriva, Keolis and Qbuzz employees are also joining the strike against excessive job pressure and insufficient pay raises.

Earlier this week, unions CNV and FNV announced that regional transport across the country would be halted for five days. Bus drivers from Connexxion, among others, stopped working. Drivers, conductors and drivers of other regional transport vehicles are now joining them. The strike lasts the entire working week, Monday through Friday.

According to FNV Regional Transport Director Edwin Kuiper, people in Dordrecht, Achterhoek and the southern regions of the country should expect trains and buses to be cancelled. “There are many active members out there.”

“thick middle finger”

Unions want wage growth that increases with inflation. Employers want to give an 8 percent raise for this year. The bid for 2024 is 3 percent.

This hits the FNV director down the wrong throat. “This offer is slightly below average. Projected inflation this year is 5 percent, with employers just raising the middle finger to workers. They have to cover this inflation themselves.”

Source: NOS