Ecopetrol is allocating USD 33 billion to promote the energy transition

Ecopetrol will allocate resources for nearly $33 billion to advance research and knowledge to advance the energy transition and work towards decarbonisation and ecosystem conservation.

This is within the framework of an agreement with the Ministries of Science and Technology (Minciencias) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy (Minminas) which authorize the opening of calls and the implementation of programmes, projects or activities involving the development of technologies are aligned with the aforementioned work fronts.

“At Ecopetrol, we support this initiative that provides resources to boost research and knowledge to advance the energy transition and move towards decarbonization and ecosystem conservation. This investment is a great opportunity to strengthen programs, initiatives and actions in the regions of the country that can be framed in our 2040 Strategy ‘Energy Transforming’, with technology as a major enabler of our environmental goals, social affairs and government affairs. corporate,” says Felipe Bayón, president of the Ecopetrol Group.

In turn, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Arturo Luna, stressed that this agreement is transcendental for the country, as it allows to bring together all the experience of the signatory entities for the benefit of the energy transition in Colombia.

With this institutional effort, the country is expected to strengthen its capabilities in sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation to the energy transition in less than a decade.

In recent years, three cooperation agreements have been signed in this field, with investments of more than $73 billion.

This agreement will be the starting point for Ecopetrol, together with its innovation centers in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellín, Cartagena and the Department of Meta, to promote science, technology and innovation ecosystems from the areas where academia, business and communities.

Likewise, the funds will be used in programs, projects or activities that stimulate research and the generation of new ideas on five established fronts.

Source: El heraldo