Smart work, subsidized mortgages, beach concessions: all the news

Smart work, mortgages, but not only. The Milleproroghe decree, which was approved by the Senate yesterday to become law, contains various provisions on many issues, as is usually the case with such decrees. In fact, almost every year, Parliament approves a Milleproroghe to negotiate anything it couldn’t deal with before. After the Senate’s approval, it will be the House of Representatives’ turn to enact law, and given the government’s confidence in it, no changes should be made to the text.

How smart work is changing: news

There is a green light to smart work until June 30 for vulnerable workers in the private sector and parents with children under 14, restrictions for the public sector. Agile legislation is changing again. For parents with children under the age of 14, the right to request and receive smart work expires in December, while the current legislation for the weak expires on March 31: the right to smart work for both categories has therefore been extended until June 30. Intelligent work can only be demanded as required by law if the service allows, but government decisions only concern the right to obtain it: the number of days to be demanded depends on the individual bargaining of the workers.

Longer soft loans

The deadline for young couples from Isee to apply for a subsidized mortgage to buy their first home for up to 40,000 euros has been extended to 30 June 2023. The measure ended on March 31. All citizens who do not own another house (even abroad) at the time of applying for a loan to purchase their first house can benefit from the First Housing Fund. An exception is when property is inherited due to the death of the debtor, even when it is transferred free of charge to parents or siblings, even if jointly with another heir.

“Priority” categories eligible for funding are: young married couples who have been nucleating for at least two years or more married couples; single-parent families with young children living together; tenants of lodgings belonging to autonomous institutions for social housing, regardless of denomination; Young people under the age of 36.

Training during working hours: how does it change?

The operation of the “fund for new skills” was later extended to cover the whole of 2023: with a change in Milleproroghe, collective agreements signed at the company or regional level will be able to provide partial changes for this year as well. of working hours to get the opportunity to attend skill development courses, in line with the changing organizational and production needs of the company. The cost of training hours will be covered by the Fund, within a limit of 230 million euros, including social security and welfare contributions. Regarding the labor chapter, Milleproroghe provides the possibility to keep workers on administrative contracts until 2025, even beyond the stipulated 24 months.


Some news for the maritime industry: The extension of the beach concessions until 31 December 2024 has actually been approved. In case of objective obstacles to the completion of the tenders, the existing concessions will remain valid until the entirety of 2025.

“What if there is a risk of an infringement procedure? I hope there isn’t, and I hope that Minister Fitto, who is a talented and competent person, can make Europe understand our quirks and what our washing facilities represent.” Tourism Minister Daniela Santanché responds to reporters on the subject of baths.

The reform to liberalize the bath business has been expected for years. On the subject, Italy does not comply with European law. The European Commission has repeatedly threatened infringement procedure because the Italian State has implemented a directive approved in 2006 – the Bolkestein directive – according to which the management of public assets must be appointed through a tender procedure. In Italy, by contrast, beaches as state-owned public assets are allocated with ten-year concessions, which are very advantageous for establishments and not very profitable for the state.

“We – we explained Santanché – have always said: we stand by the washing facilities. Minister Fitto and I listened to all the trade associations and came up with the demands from the summary not only for the delegation to be extended, but for the concession to be extended. One year old. We did it because we were one voice”. Santanché: “Is it going to be the last overtime? I guess so,” he replied.

Hence the green light from the Senate. It’s Parliament time. 88 yes, 63 no and 3 abstentions. The judgment now passes into the Chamber and must be converted by February 27. The government announced that it would raise the issue of confidence in the Assembly regarding the Milleproroghe. It emerged from the Montecitorio group leaders’ conference that the trust should be voted on Tuesday, February 21 (with the general discussion on the text set to begin after the final vote on the fuel decree) Wednesday, 22nd. Voting will take place on Thursday, 23rd.

Source: Today IT