Tax-free donations when buying a home can be reduced considerably in 2023

From January 1, 2023, you can transfer up to EUR 27,231 tax-free. This amount was not chosen at random: it was the amount that could ever be given tax-free between parents and children.

Van Rij reports that the amount can rise to 1 euro. However, he advises against it. According to him, this “doesn’t make sense” because it would only cause questions and confusion.

Extra pressure on tax authorities

According to him, this is because the amount that can be donated for a house is suddenly much lower than the amount that can be donated unconditionally. If people fill in their tax returns incorrectly, this only means more work for the tax authorities. He quickly informs the House of Representatives what the cabinet thinks is the best option.

Removing the tax advantage not only makes the playing field on the housing market fairer, it also provides money for the treasury. If the abolition is a fact in 2024, she will receive 8 million euros extra tax revenue.

This amount will increase annually by 8 million euros over the next 20 years, so with its removal another 160 million euros will eventually go to the treasury.

Source: RTL