PostNL needs to cut costs and cut hundreds of jobs this year

PostNL needs to cut costs and cut hundreds of jobs this year

PostNL will cut 200 to 300 full-time jobs this year to cut costs. In addition, the company announced that more measures will be taken to reduce costs.

“The year 2022 has been a year in which we have to find our way through rapidly changing and turbulent conditions,” says General Manager Herna Verhagen, explaining my name.

Verhagen said record high inflation and bottoming out consumer confidence affected the Post’s results. “Challenging conditions are expected to continue until 2023. It is therefore crucial that we continue to invest to strengthen our foundation and strengthen our position in a dynamic and highly competitive market.”

A total of 20 million euros should be saved this year. According to PostNL, the outages mainly affect the parcel department. As a result, 200 to 300 jobs will be lost in this department.

The Swiss Post will have to make further cuts in order to get back on its “growth path” in the coming years, according to its own statements. There will be another 25 million euros in 2024 and will increase to 30 million euros per year from 2025.

fewer packages

PostNL will release last year’s full results today. In the third quarter of 2022, the company struggled. Because of the rising prices, fewer people were taking in and companies were sending fewer packages. Due to rising energy prices, PostNL also has to set aside more money to run the vans and trucks.

Source: NOS