Mexico’s trade deficit in January was $4.125 million.

Mexico’s trade deficit in January was .125 million.

Mexico In January last year, the trade deficit was 4 thousand 125 million dollars, data less than also a negative number 6 thousand 278 million dollars the same month of 2022, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography said on Monday. (Inegi).

However, Inegi in her report recalled that the January deficit was recorded after the surplus $984 million in December last year.

Monthly change “comes from decrease in the balance of non-oil productswhich went from a surplus of $3,225 million in December to a deficit of $1,287 million in January, and an expansion of the deficit in the balance of petroleum products, which grew from $2,241 million to $2,838 million,” he explained.

Despite the growing deficit the total volume of exports in January amounted to 42 thousand 590.6 million dollars.which is 25.6% more than the same period last year, the agency clarifies based on initial data.

oil sales they grew by 8.9% year on year and amounted to $2,712.3 million.

While non-oil companies they grew by 26.9% to $39,878.3 million, he said.

“In non-oil exports, exports to the United States grew by 26.6% year on year, while exports to the rest of the world grew by 28.5%,” Inegi said.

Meanwhile, imports amounted to $46,715.7 million16.3% more than the amount registered in the same month last year.

buying oil they grew by 20.6% year on year, amounting to 5 thousand 550.6 million dollars.

While non-oil companies they increased by 15.7% and added $41,165.2 million.

In 2022, Mexico’s trade deficit was $26,241.1 million, up 141.5% from the also negative $10,939 million in 2021.

The country has proven itself Treaty between Mexico, USA and Canada (T-MEC) to accelerate economic growth, which was 3.1% in 2022, and the government intends to repeat this figure in 2023.


Source: Aristegui Noticias