Cartagena will have 10 cruises with 30,000 tourists

Cartagena will have 10 cruises with 30,000 tourists

This week, the arrival of ten cruise ships at the specialized terminal in Cartagena is expected. Nearly 30,000 visitors are expected, representing an economic impact of approximately USD 3.1 million.

The Port of Cartagena Group reported that four cruises are scheduled simultaneously for this Tuesday, with a total of 10,959 visitors.

For example, Cartagena completes 27 arrivals in 28 days at the end of February, while six additional cruise ships will arrive in the first week of March, out of the 29 expected for the entire month.

To calculate the economic impact, the BREA (Business, Research and Economic Advisors) study is taken as a reference, which shows that each cruise passenger in our city spends an average of $122 and crew members $70 on various products and services.

Source: El heraldo