The government uses its gold power through Vodafone

After the entry of two major American funds Kkr and Gip (Global Investment Partner) into the capital, the government’s hand rests on Vodafone, especially the tower company Vantage Towers. The government said “yes” to the operation, but with certain restrictions, this is because Vantage Towers controls the main Italian tower operator Inwit (with 33.2% of the capital).

The Council of Ministers decided to use golden power over the operation because from now on, the two funds will jointly control the tower company Vantage Towers, which is considered to be of strategic importance for the country in terms of infrastructure, together with Vodafone. The use of special entitlements will occur “in the form of prescriptions”, as when Ardian purchased 30.2% of Inwit. In this case, rather light prescriptions were applied, such as a request for preventive information in case of further changes in the capital, and a request to inform the government 6 months before the relocation of some towers, especially the equipment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. . This could be the case for Vantage Towers as well.

Source: Today IT