Jumbo won’t buy Mars products due to “very high price hikes”

Jumbo won’t buy Mars products due to “very high price hikes”

Supermarket chain Jumbo will not purchase any Mars products at this time due to “very high price increases”. This means less or no availability of products like Mars sticks and pet food from Whiskas and Pedigree.

Price negotiations with the manufacturer stalled, leaving customers without many Mars products. Jumbo confirmed this after it was reported by RTL News.

According to the supermarket chain, the manufacturer imposed price increases that were too high to be passed on to customers. “Sometimes price increases are inevitable, but in this case they are inexplicable,” Jumbo says.

No further details were given about the price negotiations. It is unknown how long the action will take. Jumbo said he would not comment on mutual agreements and negotiations.


Nestlé products may also be less or less available at Jumbo, but the reason for this has yet to be revealed. Nestlé informed NOS that negotiations are continuing, as they do every year. Until these negotiations are over, the company has nothing to disclose.

Nestlé made a profit of 9 billion euros last year, but recently announced price hikes because they feared higher acquisition costs in the future.

Source: NOS