Treasury Department Auctions TES in UVR for $375 Billion

Treasury Department Auctions TES in UVR for 5 Billion

The Treasury Department has auctioned $375 billion of Treasury Securities (TES) in Real Value Units (UVR) in the Colombian public securities market in six (2029), fourteen (2037) and twenty-six (2049) maturities.

The placement corresponds to 1.128 million UVR units.

Purchase offers for $1.1 trillion were received, 4.6 times the initial amount.

The lawsuit allowed for the activation of over-award clauses, an additional $125 billion on top of the $250 billion initially auctioned. The foregoing is in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 3069 of December 30, 2022 of the Ministry of Finance.

The auction cut-off rates were 5.058% for 2029 due date, 5.490% for 2037 due date and 5.209% for 2049 due date.

Source: El heraldo