Inflation is rising again; “The end of the rise in food prices only comes in summer”

Inflation is rising again;  “The end of the rise in food prices only comes in summer”

Inflation is rising again for the first time in months. In February, inflation rose from 7.6 percent to 8.0 percent. Food and drink in particular has become even more expensive.

Inflation rose to over 14 percent in the fall. Inflation then fell, but it’s over. Inflation also rose in other European countries last month.

Figures from the Netherlands Statistical Institute show that food, drink and tobacco were 15.1 percent more expensive in February than a year ago. Prices of various commodities such as grain and oil have fallen in recent months, but this has not been reflected in stores.

“Manufacturers are still busy transferring high costs from the past,” says Sebastiaan Schreijen, food price analyst at Rabobank. “It always takes months for the customer to realize the high costs at the branches.” It still points to higher packaging costs and sharply rising labor costs.


According to him, there will be no end to price increases for now. “It may not be over until this summer,” Schreijen says. “Maybe some prices will fall, but then the producer has to reflect the falling prices on the supermarket first. will be reflected in the prices.”

Frans Muller, chief boss of Ahold Delhaize (Albert Heijn), said two weeks ago that he expected producers to lower their prices quickly. “These are the agreements we make with suppliers. If commodity prices go down, they should go down too.”


Therefore, inflation is rising in other European countries as well. Inflation in Germany rose to 9.3 percent (from 9.2 percent). In Spain it was 6.1 percent (formerly 5.9 percent) and in France inflation rose to 7.2 percent (formerly 7 percent). These are numbers according to the European definition. According to this definition, Dutch inflation was 8.9 percent in February.

Source: NOS