When is the next rate increase. ECB, what Lagarde decided

When is the next rate increase.  ECB, what Lagarde decided

“Rate hikes possible even after March.” The announcement was made by the president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, guest of the Spanish television program “Espejo Publico”. “It is possible that we continue on this path, at this moment we cannot say how much the increase will be” are the words of number one from Eurotower.

During the interview, he also commented on the evolution of the subject, declaring that: “inflation is a disease that spreads throughout the economy”. In the last three months, the economic recession in the euro zone eased and in March: “the fall in inflation should be more pronounced, signaling a decrease in the price of energy”. And he adds: “We hope to start seeing a reduction in food prices as well.”

In this sense, the Governing Council should keep the course, raising interest rates significantly at a constant pace and may be able to reduce inflation without excessive sacrifices in terms of economic activity. From Eurotower they make it known that the general meeting of the Council in March “is a reference for assessing the subsequent path of monetary policy, also based on a new set of macroeconomic projections”

Source: IL Tempo