Supervisor: Prioritize hospitals and schools for power connections

Supervisor: Prioritize hospitals and schools for power connections

The Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority (ACM) says home builders, security services, healthcare and schools should be able to get priority on the power grid. The “first come, first served” principle still applies, but according to the guardian, network operators should be able to deviate from this if capacity is insufficient.

Currently the network is overcrowded in some parts of the Netherlands, meaning that administrators cannot provide direct power access to all, resulting in queues.

According to the ACM, it is important that with this overload, parties that serve the social interest do not have to lag behind. As long as network operators can explain why they should be given priority, ACM will not intervene. “As the problems are so great, the current policy is no longer working very well and decision needs to be made,” a spokesperson said.

clear criteria

This week, grid operator Enexis announced that it will temporarily stop connecting major solar parks in regions with little or no electricity consumers. Solar parks put heavy pressure on grid capacities. Other network operators have also sounded the alarm.

Enexis is happy with ACM’s move. “We’ve been working on this for a while and look forward to further developing this plan.” It is important for the network operator to have clear and objective criteria for choosing a party. “One’s priority does not mean the other’s priority, and we want to be able to explain that properly.”

As for Enexis, the government decides the order of connection, although the company wants to give an opinion. According to ACM, it is up to network operators to set priorities.

You get help from the state. In the coming period, ACM will discuss with network operators how they can prioritize and what guidelines apply to this.

Source: NOS