Nursery bonus 2023: you can apply, here’s how it works

From Monday, February 27, it is possible to apply for access to the facilitation of the nursery bonus for 2023. Initially, the measure provided a contribution of up to 1,000 euros for the payment of attendance fees to allowed public and private kindergartens and home assistance in favor of children under three years of age with serious chronic pathologies. In 2019 the amount was increased to a maximum of 3,000 euros based on the applicable minor ISEE, referring to the minor for whom the service was requested.

The application may be submitted by the parent of a qualifying born or adopted minor. In particular, you are eligible for an annual budget of 3,000 euros with an ISEE of up to 25,000 euros for minors (the maximum monthly amount payable for eleven months is 272.73 euros). With a higher ISEE for minors – from EUR 25,001 to EUR 40,000 – the annual budget drops to EUR 2,500 and the maximum monthly amount payable for eleven months is EUR 227.27. With an even higher Isee for minors starting from 40,001 Euros, the annual budget drops again to 1,500 Euros, with a maximum of 136.37 Euros payable per month for eleven months.

The amount is paid until the funds are exhausted: approximately 550 million euros for the current year. It is intended for Italian citizens residing in Italy or non-EU citizens with a permanent, even non-permanent, residence permit. It is possible to apply for access to INPS electronic services through the special online service directly accessible to citizens with a Spid ID or national service card (Cns). Alternatively, a multi-channel contact center and patronage can be used.

Source: Today IT