Unions want tougher action against strikers who double the money

Unions want tougher action against strikers who double the money

“We are here for a just and social Netherlands,” the CNV union says on its website, but not everyone got it right. An unknown number of members of both the CNV and FNV unions abused dual membership by demanding strike fees from both unions during the strikes. This is compensation paid by unions to members participating in a union-sponsored strike.

There have probably been members who collected strike wages twice during a strike, but unions have only recently been made aware of this by strike leaders. You are leaving now. “From Monday you can join two unions at the same time, but from then on you only get strike wages from one union,” says CNV’s Jeroen Tjepkema. For reasons of secrecy, unions are not allowed to change the names of strikers.

Unions want to be more careful when registering strikers. “When people sign up, go first to table A and then to table B, this is noticeable.” Those caught will receive a chargeback on the bus.

The standard amount used by CNV and FNV for strikes is 81.93 Euros per day since 1 January. Strikers receive 85 percent of this amount in the first five days, while 115 percent of the standard amount is paid in the following days. In some cases, double strike payers receive more from their employers than they would receive.

Source: NOS