National Land Agency has formalized over 1.4 million acres

In less than six months, the government has formalized more than 1.4 million hectares, of which 1,015,000 are land properties and 396,000 are agricultural areas, such as Sumapaz in Bogotá and Guayabero in the Meta department.

According to the National Land Agency (ANT), these zones are a form of territorial planning introduced by law in 1994, designed to promote the peasant economy, prevent the concentration of land and the use of its resources.

The general director of the ANT, Gerardo Vega, pointed out that the indicators are the result of the management of the government of Gustavo Petro, as 33,016 families have benefited.

He added that the said land was bought for the most part from third parties.

“Taking into account the fact that work was done where the soil is most fertile. Land that is fertile for food production, that has no restitution processes, that is not claimed by other people in the Restitution Councils, that is not flooded, that is not subject to flooding, and land that is not occupied,” explains Vega.

The director of the ANT insisted that the intention is to deliver 3 million hectares in the four-year term of office.

Source: El heraldo